KTM PDS Swingarm Saver

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The Rolling Mavericks' KTM PDS Saver saves your swingarm from severe wear damage. The mudflap on 2017 and newer KTM models with PDS rear shocks rubs against the PDS Heim-joint as the swingarm moves through its travel damaging the swingarm. 

It is not a matter if, but when the mudflap will wear through the PDS Heim-joint aluminum housing on the swingarm. Eventually, it will damage the PDS Heim-joint seals, and you will have to replace the entire swingarm. Depending on the terrain you ride, this can happen a lot quicker than you might think.
Just check heim joint wear on the left side of the bike and compare that to the amount of aluminum of the heim joint housing on the right side of the bike where the mudflap doesn't rub. You'll be amazed how much wear there is. The muddier the terrain, the faster the wear will become an issue.
The Rolling Mavericks' KTM PDS Saver eliminates this wear by keeping mud flap at a distance with an aluminum roller attached to the lower shock bolt. This roller has an SKF sealed roller bearing and a replaceable rubber wear o-ring and comes with a new replacement stainless steel lower shock bolt.
These are not the same as the cheap PDS savers found on the internet, which come with cheap bearings with lots of play. The Rolling Mavericks' KTM PDS Saver comes with high-quality long-lasting sealed 626-2RSHSKF bearings, the best in the business. The kit is easy to install.
  • Eliminates swingarm wear
  • Sealed & shielded 626-2RSH SKF ball bearing for long service life
  • replaceable rubber wear o-ring on aluminum roller
  • Anodized Orange
  • Quick and easy installation
For KTM 150/250/300 XCW/EXC/6 Days/TPI 2017-2022
For KTM 250/350/450/500 EXC-F/XCF-W/6 Days 2017-2022