Rolling Mavericks Ultralight Enduro Trail Jack Stand

Rolling Mavericks Ultralight Enduro Trail Jack Stand

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The Rolling Mavericks Ultralight Enduro Trail Jack Stand is a must-have tool for the trail or adventure rider, whether your bike has a centre stand or just a side stand. With the Enduro Trail Jack, you can quickly raise one of the wheels off the ground to fix a flat. 

Weighing only 140 grams, the 6061 T6 aluminium CNC machined UltraLight Dual Sport Trail Jack Stand is the lightest on the market and packs the most compact. It takes only seconds to assemble or take apart, and you're not left with a foot with a bolt permanently attached, making it awkward and bulky to pack. Thanks to the Rolling Mavericks' design, the foot packs flat in your tool roll and, despite its small weight, It is strong enough for a 240+ kg bike.

  • Great for fixing flats, chain maintenance, and emergency repairs
  • Quickly jack one wheel off the ground
  • Supports 240+ kg motorcycles
  • Ultralight; weighs 140 grams (4.9 oz)
  • Ultra-compact; flat packs to 18 mm x 250 mm
  • It fits many 25 cm/10" tool rolls
  • Stainless steel spring clip (R-clip) included
  • Spare o-rings included
  • 12 mm Velcro double-sided strap included
  • Mini zippered reinforced EVA parts bag included.
Disclaimer: the blue anodized colour of the individual parts may differ slightly from each other. 

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Instructional video:

Trail Jack Stand YouTube instructional video

Manual (PDF)

The Story
Trail jacks have been around for a long time. Rolling Mavericks' UltraLight Enduro Trail Jack Stand is my idea of a trail jack 2.0 as I wanted to design an improved version. I've been using a homemade one for years, and I never hit the trail without it. It is such a simple but handy emergency tool whenever you get a flat on the trail. It beats looking for rocks or sticks to raise your bike, and it is a must-have if you're riding terrain without a tree or rock in sight.

Trail jacks are straightforward to use. To raise the rear wheel off the ground, you first lock the front brake by wrapping a Velcro strap around the front brake lever and throttle and for a front-wheel lift, just put the bike in first gear preventing the rear wheel from rolling. Next, slide the tubes out to the proper height needed to raise one of the wheels off the ground and secure it with a spring clip.

To get one of the wheels off the ground, all you have to do is push the bike with one hand farther over onto the side stand on the opposite side. The motorcycle then lifts one wheel in the air, and you position the trail jack under the swingarm or bash plate, depending on which wheel you need to jack off the ground.

The good, the bad, and the ugly
A trail Jack is a great tool. And I always bring one when moto camping. Nonetheless, I've always had two gripes with my regular trail jacks. Firstly, they are heavy. Most trail stands weigh anywhere from 250 to 450 grams, and when you're riding Enduro or traveling the world on your adventure bike with luggage, every gram counts.

Secondly, a trail jack foot or Y support is bulky. If they are permanently attached to the jack, they are often too long and thick, and wide to fit in most tool rolls.

The Rolling Mavericks' UltraLight Enduro Trail Jack Stand is designed to be ultralight and compact when packed. The kit, including the spring clip and front brake velcro strap lock, weighs only 140 grams, and you can take it apart for easy flat packing in your tool roll.

The use of o-rings makes it easy and quick to assemble or disassemble the Trail Jack, yet when assembled, they hold the different parts together with just enough friction to prevent them from falling out. 

Disassembled, the foot is only 6 mm high and packed flat. The outer tube is the thickest part at 18 mm. The Rolling Mavericks' UltraLight Enduro Trail Jack Stand fits right next to my Motion Pro T6 tire levers inside my tool roll. It takes up minimal space without adding much weight.

Trail Jack Stand lifting BMW R80 flat tyre

It's all in the details!
Usually, the Velcro strap used for locking up the front brake when jacking the rear wheel is wide and thick, making it bulky to pack. Also, often it is one-sided Velcro making it very fiddly to install. The UltraLight Enduro Trail Jack Stand uses a thin and narrow, 12 mm double-sided Velcro strap. So no more fiddling to lock the brake.

The UltraLight Enduro Trail Jack Stand comes with everything you need to use this tool, including a stainless steel spring clip and spare o-rings.

Other uses
I recently discovered another emergency use for the trail stand when I tripped over my tent while packing the bike. One of the tent poles broke, and the thinnest trail stand tube turned out to be the perfect temporary fix. I love to hear other world uses of the trail stand. 

Let us know how this tool/any tools saved your day. Send your story to

Sounds nice, right? But still not convinced? Do you doubt it can hold your bike safely off the ground?

That's a question I'm asked most often, but I'm not going to tell you that it can. After all, seeing is believing :-)

Video about Rolling Mavericks Ultralight Trail Jack Stand weight capacity


6061 T6 anodized aluminium

Min. Height

270 mm


450 mm


140 gr

Pack Length

250 mm

Large Tube dia.

18 mm

Small Tube dia.

14 mm

Step-height Adjustments

20 in 11 mm increments

Hole size Y-holder

16 mm (5/8) or larger

Raising a wheel

See how little effort it takes to lift the front or the rear wheel off the ground.

Customer Reviews

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Javier García (Valladolid, ES)
Great tool

Great tool. Very well made quality tool. The tool takes up very little and is very light. Fantastic product that I recommend. Fantastic alternative to the center stand.

ekaitz quintanilla (Barakaldo, ES)
necessary item for travel

Ideal item to repair a wheel while traveling or to lubricate the chain. light but hard material

Marko Bjorkroth (Helsinki, FI)
Ultralight Trail jack


Kathleen Cannady (Grand Rapids, US)

Purchased two items for husband for Christmas and he was thrilled.

Juan Lopez B (Barcelona, ES)
Very usuefull

It9s nice, but i try to play more :-) Thanks