Zippered mesh bags for handy storage

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These zipper mesh bags are ideal pouches for organizing almost anything, such as small tools, nuts & bolts, various parts, cables, coins, camera gear, motorcycle, and travel documents. 

The EVA mesh bags are durable and resist wearing when constantly rubbing against other objects on a moving motorcycle. The bags stay flexible at very low temperatures; the material is waterproof (not the zipper) and resistant to oil and grease. 

The Mini Mesh Bag Black
The mini mesh bags are ideal for storing greasy tools such as sockets or bits and nuts and bolts, wires, or other parts but also as a wallet to keep coins or paper money. They are also great for storing camera batteries, such as GoPro. 

These bags are so small they fit just about anywhere; in your tool roll, backpack, or adventure jacket pocket. Owners of Rolling Mavericks Trail Jacks are already familiar with these bags because the Trail Jack parts come in Mini Mesh Bags.

The medium Mesh bag Blue 
We store our Rolling Mavericks Fuel transfer kit in medium-sized bags. We also use them to organize our USB cables, wireless video microphone transmitters, and receivers.

The large Mesh bag Orange
This bag is ideal for travel documents such as passports, motorcycles, and insurance papers. Naturally, there are many other uses imaginable for these great organizers.

The long Mesh bag Green
This long but narrow bags only have a width of 33mm. We made them neatly organize all those small sockets and bits and pieces. Naturally, there are many other uses imaginable for these great organizers.

The four-piece Trial pack
Not sure how you would use these? The four-piece Trial pack offers you one bag of each saving you 30%  compared to buying them separately.

These mesh bags are made of EVA (
Ethylene-vinyl acetate), a greener alternative to PVC because it doesn't contain chlorine. 


The Mini Mesh Bag Black
88 x 55 mm (3.46" x 2.16")
5 grams

The medium Mesh bag Blue 
128 x 92 mm (5" x 3.6")
9 grams

The large Mesh bag Orange
183 x 128 mm (7.2 x 5")
13,5 gram

The large Mesh bag Orange
200 x 33 mm (7.87 x 1.3")
8,1 gram

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
D Perry (Ottawa, CA)
Functional and well made

These zippered pouches are great for organizing small parts and other items. Well made and convenient to use.

Albert DEWAS (Toulouse, FR)
Très pratique

Me permet de ranger un peu mieux ma sacoche d'outils de voyage, robuste et très pratique.

Chris (Albuquerque, US)
No reason not to buy

These are great little pouches, that feel like good quality. And they're not priced outrageously like so much other adv/dual sport gear out there now. Don't hesitate to buy them, especially if you're already placing an order for something else.

Lisa Morris & Jason Spafford, Four Wheeled Nomad
Streamline Your Storage with Zippered Mesh Bags: A Handy Solution

Zippered mesh bags are a game-changer for convenient storage. These versatile bags offer a perfect blend of breathability and containment. The mesh design allows you to quickly identify items while also preventing odors or moisture buildup. The zippered closure ensures that your belongings remain secure and organized, whether you're using them for travel, home organization, or outdoor activities. With various sizes available, these bags provide a practical solution for keeping your essentials in order. Say goodbye to rummaging through cluttered spaces – zippered mesh bags simplify your storage needs with style.

Darryl Best (Auckland, NZ)
Great little product

Brilliant little product. Simple and useful for adventure riders trying to stow and organize small everyday items that can otherwise easily get lost in your gear. The mesh material is durable unlike a zip lock bag alternative that will quickly fail.