Asahi LIGHTOOL trail spanners

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This four-piece set of high-quality Japanese-made Asahi LIGHTOOL open-end spanners is a must-have for the trail or adventure rider. You save, on average, 30 percent in weight. They are made of chrome vanadium forged steel and meet the Japanese Industry Standard (JIS).

These Asahi LIGHTOOL lightweight open-end spanners are a great alternative to the expensive titanium Motion Pro TiProlight combination spanners at a fraction of the price. A clever design of holes and recesses in these chrome vanadium steel spanners reduces the weight significantly without compromising the strength of the spanners.

Lightweight tooling versatility
The weight savings compared to regular steel spanners are about 30 percent. Still, compare the weight versus tooling versatility of the Asahi LIGHTOOL versus the Motion Pro spanners. In that case, the Asahi LIGHTOOL is better because LIGHTOOL spanners offer more tooling versatility for roughly the same weight.
That's because Asahi LIGHTOOL spanners are double-ended in contrast to the titanium Motion Pro combination spanners, which cover only one size bolt head. Each LIGHTOOL spanner works on two different-sized bolt heads.
For example, a Motion Pro set for Euro motorcycles consists of four spanners, 8, 10, 12, and 13 mm, and weighs about 76 grams.
If you add the 14mm combination spanner for Japanese motorcycles to the Motion Pro Euro motorcycle set, the total weight for five spanners (8, 10, 12, 13, and 14mm) is about 102 grams. 

A set of Asahi LIGHTTOOL spanners covers both Euro and Japanese motorcycles and includes four spanners (5,5 x 7, 8 x 10, 11 x 13, and 12 x 14 mm) and weighs 116 grams.
For about 15 grams more, the four Asahi LIGHTOOL spanners work on eight different bolt head sizes instead of Motion Pro's five. The four Asahi LIGHTOOL spanners are also less bulky to pack.
Size matters
Sure, if you have a Euro motorcycle, extra spanner sizes such as the 5,5, 11, and 14 mm are used sparingly, but they sometimes come in handy. FOR EXAMPLE, the M3 nut on some third-party handlebar kill switches needs a 5,5 mm spanner. RAM ball mounts U-Bolts come with an 11 mm nut, and if you ride with the Tubliss system, you need a 14mm spanner for the Tubliss rim lock nut.
Asahi LIGHTOOL spanners are forged to the highest standards, are hard chrome plated, and meet the Japanese Industry Standard (JIS). If you prefer combination spanners, we also offer a set of unique and super light Asahi stubby combination spanners.
Spanner sets

See pictures for specifications per spanner.

Rolling Mavericks' ultimate set
  • 5,5 x 7
  • 8 x 10
  • 11 x 13
  • 12 x 14
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    Customer Reviews

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    Mark McPherson (Adelaide, AU)
    Great Customer Service

    I purchased the Asahi light tool set. It seemed to be taking a long time to get here to Australia. I contacted Rolling Mavericks and David replied. Sure enough there was a problem with the postage. David resent it, it seemed to be taking a long time again. I contacted David again. He assured me it was on its way. Being right before Christmas I expected it to be delayed but again seemed to be taking longer than expected . I again contacted David, I could tell he was genuinely frustrated with the postal service also. Without being asked he upgraded my tool set from the 4 piece to the 6 piece set and sent it with DHL to get it here as fast as possible. In business things don’t always go to plan. But what’s important is how it’s dealt with. David went above and beyond to resolve the situation and I really appreciate the gesture. I will purchase from Rolling Mavericks again and will recommend to my friends.


    Delavar Razmjou (Cliffside Park, US)

    Items as described
    I like the item
    Fast service
    Highly recommend

    Cristian Sola (Gattico, IT)
    Asahi LIGHTOOL trail spanners

    Lightweight and comfortable to always carry together, and they are beautiful 😁

    D Perry (Montreal, CA)
    Great quality

    The quality of these wrenches are top notch, and their light weight makes this set the perfect addition to the toolkit that I carry on my bike. Very happy with this purchase.

    Horia Ciuclea (Bucharest, RO)
    Asahi LIGHTOOL trail spanners

    Great set, very lightweight and durable!