Phone & Glasses screwdriver 12 pc

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Stick this 12-piece precision screwdriver in your tool roll. It saves the day when you must fix your sun or prescription glasses, phone, or camera on the trail. It includes ten different mini screw heads, including Torx and Philip's heads. It is lightweight, aluminum, and compact.

You don't expect a tiny, precision screwdriver in a motorcycle tool roll, but I will only ride with them since I wear prescription glasses. One time, while taking a break riding in the Pyrenees, I was wiping my glasses clean when I noticed the screw retaining one of the lenses had almost come out of the frame. Luckily, I had one of these screwdrivers with me.
Without it, I would have never been able to screw it back in because the screws are tiny. I do carry a spare set of old glasses with an older prescription, but those are just for emergencies so I can see where I'm riding on my way to the optician :-)
Up to 5 heads fit inside the screwdriver housing, weighing about 35 grams. The knob on top of the screwdriver has a bearing and rotates without friction, making removing screws with one hand easy.