Fuel Tank Side vent

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The vertical vent hose may be in the way if you ride with a tank bag or luggage on a Husqvarna 701, GasGas 700, or KTM 690. This  Fuel Tank Side Vent is a simple plug-and-play solution. It includes an RFX hose & check valve that prevents fuel from spilling out when you drop the motorcycle.

The gas cap shown in the pictures is not included. Has been tested on IMS and Acerbis tanks.

It does not fit the Rade Garage gas cap.

Riding with luggage on the Husqvarna 701, GasGas 700, or KTM 690, the vertical vent hose on the filler cap, located just behind the seat, might be in the way. The same goes if you ride with a larger fuel tank, such as an IMS or Acerbis, and want to ride with a tank bag. The vent hose sticking straight out of the filler cap is a nuisance. With a tank bag on top, your risk the hose kinking, and it will no longer vent. It also works well on large-capacity Acerbis tanks to get the vertical vent out of the way.

Rolling Maverick's solution is a simple rubber side vent that fits snugly on the hose barb of the filler cap. No tank mods are needed; when filling up, they are easy enough to remove.

The included vent hose RFX hose has a one-way check valve that prevents fuel from spilling out when you drop the motorcycle.

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Richard zita (Vienna, AT)
Spitzen Service!

mein Lieferung kam nicht bei mir und auch keinem meiner Nachbarn an. RollMav versendete umgehend ein neues Paket!
vielen Dank dafür


The product looks good. Shipping was much faster than I expected.

Maurice (Zurich, CH)
I've been searching for this!

I ride a 701 enduro with the rade garage additional front tank and I like to carry around my Fuji camera to take some pictures. So I found a nice Wolfman tankbag for carrying the gear but it goes over the tank. I've been searching an elbowed venting system for a while but here I found the perfect one. It goes really well with the Vanasche fuel cap. Insta: mdb_1906

Calin Dragan (Cluj-Napoca, RO)

After I fitted an Acerbis tank on my T7 I needed a solution to fit a tank bag on top of it, and the vent was a bit of a problem. Luckily there is this very simple solution which fits perfectly.