FuelFriend Oil can 2L with spout

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This 2-liter can is ideal for carrying extra oil or fuel on adventure trips. The spout is integrated into the can's housing and is just the right size to fit into the oil-filling hole of your engine.

More and more people are using lighter Enduro motorcycles for long adventure trips. The downside is that you must change the oil more often than on motorcycles with a larger engine. But, of course, you can also use it for petrol, including ethanol E10 petrol.
Motorcycles such as the KTM and Husqvarna 450 and 500 require about 1,2 liters of oil. That makes these lightweight 2-liter cans perfect for carrying extra oil. You fill it once with 2 liters of oil, make regular 1,2-liter oil changes, and always have enough to top it off. And you only need to buy 1 liter to be ready for the following oil change.
The manufacturer Hünersdorff also makes the tougher FuelFriend cans we sell, but these are our choice for oil cans for longer trips. These cans are called the STANDARD 2 L. They may be lighter because of a thinner HD-PE wall thickness, but they also withstand a severe beating, and the integrated spout comes in very handy when it is time to add or change the oil.
  • small, extremely robust, meets the highest safety requirements
  • Suitable for ethanol fuel E10
  • with spout integrated into can body and captive screw cap
  • Small rectangular attachment point for narrow webbing

Note: It can be used for fuel, but a pump nozzle will not fit.


2 liter

Height can

220 mm

Height with cap

255 mm


147 mm


80 mm


211 gr.



Filler opening dia.

18 mm

E10 suitable


Spout included