Fuel Transfer Kit ( KTM & Husky & GasGas)

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The Fuel Transfer Kit is a great tool for transferring petrol from one EFI or TPI bike to another when you run out of fuel on the trail, to fill your petrol stove bottle when camping, and as shop tool to empty petrol tanks before servicing.

Running out of fuel is never fun, but there is no fuel petcock to siphon off petrol from your buddy's bike on modern fuel-injected bikes. Of course, you can hang a piece of fuel line in the tank and suck on it to get enough fuel in the line for a gravity feed. But you risk getting petrol in your mouth, and that is no fun.
Rolling Mavericks' Fuel Transfer Kit (FTK) will not leave a bad taste in your mouth. 

If you use a piece of fuel line with a quick disconnect attached to your bike's quick-disconnect, pressing the starter button would be enough to transfer fuel. But do you really want to turn over the starter motor for minutes draining the battery unnecessarily to transfer a few liters of fuel? One liter takes nearly a minute. 
The FTK kit prevents this. The kit comes with a cable that powers the fuel pump in the tank directly from the battery, so you don't have to turn over the starter motor. Just plug it into the tank connector and quick-attach the cable with magnets to the proper battery terminals to start pumping.
Compact and lightweight trail tool
You can also use the kit in the shop to quickly drain most of the fuel out of the bike's tank into a fuel canister, but the kit is designed as a compact, lightweight trail tool. The magnets are much smaller than crocodile clamps and add the two wires without a mantle, and you have a power cable as compact as possible when rolled up.
The same goes for the FTK fuel line with a quick disconnect. It uses 1 meter of fuel line with a purposely chosen small, 3,2 mm bore size to keep the line very compact when rolled up. As a result, the entire kit is really pocket-size small and only weighs 51 grams.
The fuel line uses the same high-quality Tygon F-4040-A flexible fuel line that KTM uses for their stock fuel tank vent line. Tygon line is costly but stays flexible for a long time compared to PVC fuel line. The power cable connector is the same AMP Superseal connector as the OEM tank connector.
  1. Take the seat off the bike that will share the fuel,
  2. Next, disconnect this bike's fuel line quick disconnect,
  3. Connect the FTK to the bike's quick disconnect fuel line,
  4. Place the end of the FTK fuel line into the other bike's tank to be filled.
  5. Unplug the OEM connector powering the fuel pump, 
  6. Plugin the FTK plug.
  7. Attach the magnets to the proper battery terminals.
  8. When enough fuel has been transferred, pull the magnets off the terminals.

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Dutch (Amsterdam, NL)
Great piece of kit.

No sucking on a fuel hose and getting fuel in your mouth and love the quick release and magnets to hook up to the battery terminals. Impressed!