Zippered mesh bags for handy storage

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Type: Tool Bags

These zipper mesh bags are ideal pouches for organizing almost anything, such as small tools, nuts & bolts, various parts, cables, coins, camera gear, motorcycle, and travel documents. 

The EVA mesh bags are durable and resist wearing when constantly rubbing against other objects on a moving motorcycle. They stay flexible at very low temperatures, and the material is waterproof (not the zipper) and resistant to oil and grease. 

The Mini Mesh Bag, Black
The mini mesh bags are ideal for storing greasy tools such as sockets or bits, nuts and bolts, wires, or other parts. They can also be used as wallets to store coins or paper money. They are also great for storing camera batteries, such as GoPros. 

These bags are so small that they fit just about anywhere: in your tool roll, backpack, or adventure jacket pocket. Rolling Mavericks Trail Jack owners are already familiar with these bags because the Trail Jack parts come in Mini Mesh Bags.

The medium Mesh bag, Blue 
We store our Rolling Mavericks Fuel transfer kit in medium-sized bags. We also use them to organize our USB cables, wireless video microphone transmitters, and receivers.

The large Mesh bag, Orange
This bag is ideal for travel documents such as passports, motorcycles, and insurance papers. Naturally, these great organizers have many other uses.

The long Mesh bag, Green
These long but narrow bags have a width of only 33mm. We made them neatly organize all those small sockets and bits and pieces. Naturally, these great organizers have many other uses.

The four-piece Trial pack
Not sure how you would use these? The four-piece Trial pack offers you one bag of each saving you 30%  compared to buying them separately.

These mesh bags are made of EVA (
Ethylene-vinyl acetate), a greener alternative to PVC because it doesn't contain chlorine. 

In this video RTW Paul reduced his luggage weight by 50% by choosing lightweight products such as a mesh bag for a toolbag and a Trail Jack. 


The Mini Mesh Bag Black
88 x 55 mm (3.46" x 2.16")
5 grams

The medium Mesh bag Blue 
128 x 92 mm (5" x 3.6")
9 grams

The large Mesh bag Orange
183 x 128 mm (7.2 x 5")
13,5 gram

The large Mesh bag Orange
200 x 33 mm (7.87 x 1.3")
8,1 gram

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Matteo Tedoldi (Bologna, IT)
I love them!!!

I love them, very practical, of different sizes for different needs and differentiated in the colour that helps in the organisation. I'll buy others

EPISTOLIN Emmanuel (Lyon, FR)

Parfait, bon produit et expédition rapide

Aaron Udall (Paris, FR)
Perfect for organising your things

Exactly what you need to keeps things organised

Eric Taylor (Barrie, CA)
Convenient Mesh Bags

The bags are convenient in size and durable. Perfect for ADV trips!

Peter Reiter (Anzendorf, AT)
Small little helper

These zipped mesh pockets really are a great help for organising all those little things that tend to disappear, or for grouping small items for quick access.