Set of 5 Quick Disconnect o-rings

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This 5 Viton/FKM o-rings set costs less than one single 58507012000 KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas, or Husaberg OEM tank fuel quick disconnect o-ring. Bring a spare with you on your adventures.

The fuel-quick disconnects shown in the pictures are not included. These o-rings are a replacement for the OEM o-rings on the male connector.
This set of 5 high-quality o-ring costs only a fraction of just one single, outrageously priced OEM 58507012000 o-ring. Yet, they are made of the same quality fluorocarbon o-ring material.

FKM (FPM, Viton®, Fluorel®) o-rings can resist many chemicals, from petrol to diesel to kerosine to mineral oils and greases, and are widely used in the motorcycle, automotive, and aircraft industries.
Always grease your o-rings before assembly to prevent tearing or damage, making them much easier to connect or disconnect.
Replaces KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas, Husaberg part number 58507012000