FuelFriend 2L jerrycan

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You can carry up to 2 liters of petrol in these FuelFriend jerrycans. With a wall thickness of 5 mm, these HD-PE cans are super sturdy and robust. You do not need to worry that they crack even when you crash.

These FuelFriend jerrycans can genuinely be your friend when riding in remote areas. You can carry close to 2 liters of petrol, and the filler mouth is large enough to fit the nozzles at petrol stations. They are UN-approved and, with a wall thickness of 5 mm, withstand almost any abuse.

They fit many types of luggage systems, hard or soft, and do fit the Mosko Moto's R80 rear pockets specifically well.

Fuel spout not included. Never fill the can to the brim. Leave some air space for expansion.


2 liter

Height can

215 mm

Height with cap

252 mm


140 mm


88 mm


398 gr.



Filler opening dia.


E10 suitable


Spout included